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Dr. Ashish Gokhale shares to stay mentally & physically fit in Lockdown


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Mental health is something normally we don’t talk about. This pandemic has forced us to remain locked down. Since then mental health has become of prime importance. Why? Because getting out of the house, going to the office, or for any kind of work used to give stimulus to our brain and we used to be mentally stable. But now suddenly we are confined to the four walls with our family members 24/7.

We don’t have an option if we like them or not. So maintaining mental stability is of utmost importance. But how do we do it, do you feel zapped of your creative energy do you feel a loss of interest in regular activities do you feel irritated most of the times?

These are the times when you really should start taking care of your mental health. Basic routine should be set. You should know what you are going to do next or if you are just going to lie around and look at your phone and yes you need to do that too, you need breaks.

So having a set routine (need not be the same every day) helps keep you on your toes. That routine should include your daily chores, some exercise, time to eat and time to read. Also, some time to talk to your family and friends. Let that talking not be superficial but let yourself go, pour out all your thoughts and empty your brain. Let the person in front really understand what you are feeling. It will help you a lot.

Remember, we cannot control others but we can control ourselves. We feel bad in a particular situation not because that thing happened but because of the bodily sensations, it creates. If we decide how to respond to those situations we can easily become mentally stable.

Enjoy the present moment. Live in the present. Whatever you are doing do it with full 100 %. It will give an amazing sense of satisfaction. Be it cutting vegetables or be it your professional work. Many people have a sense of fear because of the uncertainty that this pandemic has created. Remember this uncertainty is temporary.  So live your day as if it is your last. Do whatever is possible and whatever you feel like doing. Go to the balcony and sing, dance. Give your full attention to your husband or wife or your parents or children.
Exercise daily. Doing exercises will release endorphins in your brain and these happy hormones will keep you energetic, enthusiastic all day. Exercise will also boost your immunity and it will make you emotionally, physically strong not only in this pandemic situation but also in any situation and all your life.

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