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Dhanak: Haider Mustehsan’s latest single features Hania Aamir in a heartfelt ballad.

The song debuted on January 18 across all streaming services.


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The long-anticipated love song by Haider Mustehsan and Hania Aamir is now available on all streaming platforms, following a great buzz on social media. Thursday saw the debut of the official music video for the song, Dhanak, which has already gone viral with over 48,000 views on YouTube.

Haider, whose stage name is HYDR, most recently wows listeners in 2023 with a local music platform feature of his song Tere Naal. Tere Naal was a fun pop song with a lively chorus that captivated listeners with the singer’s effortless blending of Punjabi and English. The focus of Dhanak, on the other hand, is on romantic serenading.

At times, the generic synths obscure Haider’s gentle vocal approach, and the groovy instrumental isn’t very original either. But the general haze makes it just the right amount of replayable for your standard electropop tune.

The song video, which Shahrukh Kazim directed with cinematography by Ahsan Raza, features plenty of sunny scenes of Hania and Haider’s sweet romance. Intercut with shots of the couple enjoying themselves, there are charming slow-motion moments of Hania smiling into the camera.

The passionate couple’s scenes in the kitchen and while cuddling on a hammock show tender, ordinary moments of closeness. The video has an air of romanticism thanks to its location, shot on a hillside with only the two of them.

Haider has been using his Instagram Story to solicit initial reactions to the song ever since its debut. The artist has shared the praises of other celebrities, like Erica Robins, who is Miss Universe Pakistan, on his Instagram Story, along with heart emojis, to demonstrate his happiness.

“I had been waiting for this one,” actor Yashma Gill gushed about the song, while singer Momina Mustehsan—the sister of Haider—also chimed in to tout Dhanak.

Haider and Hania had previously teased the project with Instagram images that caused quite a stir online. The nature of their connection was the subject of great conjecture, as they published identical photographs showing them staring fondly at each other. Speculation among fans centered on whether the two were secretly dating or just trying to drum up interest in a potential collaboration.

Hania posted a photo to Instagram of herself gazing lovingly at Haider, and the message just added gasoline to the fire. “Jaise koi falak tu khili jae,” she wrote by hand. Her eyes widened in shock. As the sky opens its petals, why does each breath last so long? When you’re around, flowers become timid. Speculation over the nature of their relationship began with the poetic caption.

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