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Deepika Padukone shares how to Deal anxiety during Lockdown


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If you are finding it difficult to cope with the 21-day lock-down, you are not alone. Quarantined at home with a lot of not-so-good news pouring in can prove taxing for one’s mental health. Actor Deepika Padukone, who is sailing through the time by taking life with a pinch of humour, has useful tips to share her.

Speaking to a leading publication, Deepika emphasised on the importance of having a routine, stating that fixing a time to sleep and wake up, fixing a separate work station at home and taking up virtual work meetings can help them become disciplined and dodge the restlessness. A known advocate of mental health awareness, Deepika also strongly suggests that one consults a mental health professional if the anxiety becomes too much to cope with.

On her social media handles, the actor is regularly sharing glimpses of her daily workout and chores such cleaning the kitchen and organising the wardrobe. Coming from a family of athletes, she has always been physically active and has played Badminton for years. She admits she used to feel good during such physically active days, adding that being active has played a crucial role in her mental well-being.

Hence, working out at home might prove to be the most effective way to beat the quarantine blue!

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