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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan makes his political debut.

His cover of the PSL 8 theme song catapulted him to prominence on the internet.


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The British-Pakistani singing sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has made a surprising political debut, diverting attention away from his popular music videos. Chahat has filed his nomination papers to vie for a seat in the National Assembly (NA), opting to run as an independent candidate.

Chahat, whose real name is Kashif Rana, took to the microblogging platform X (previously Twitter) to declare his candidacy for Lahore’s NA-128, carrying his nomination papers in his hand. This new information further complicates Chahat’s complex public persona. He became famous as “Chahat Fateh Ali Khan” as he won over millions of online users with his unique singing style.

Chahat was a Pakistani first-class cricketer before he became famous for his work in music and politics. He was a member of the Lahore squad that competed in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy in 1983–84, appearing in two first-class matches and tallying 16 runs in three innings.

In search of a better future, his trip led him across international boundaries, and he eventually settled in the United Kingdom. While he was there, Chahat was an integral part of the local cricket scene, playing for a club for twelve years straight.

After singing the national song for Pakistan Super League 8 (PSL8), Chahat became famous overnight. Many online users mocked him for his singing abilities and stage name, which was an undeniable allusion to Pakistan’s most famous qawaal and singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and he became an internet star as a result of comments made by Pakistani music enthusiasts on the hymn.

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