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Celebrities welcome 2024 with mixed emotions: more thankfulness and a wish for peace in Gaza.

Pakistanis' new-year wishes included love and global issues.


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Celebrities worldwide flocked to social media to reflect on the past year and wish for the future as midnight struck and fireworks erupted. Pakistani celebrities reflected on gratitude, love, world issues, and peace, especially in Palestine.

Fearless fighter Osman Khalid Butt

Actor Osman Khalid Butt posted a photo of his New Year’s Eve with family and a powerful message. He toasts to silenced doubts, fighting for rights, and bravely living and loving. The post inspired followers to overcome obstacles with determination and resilience.

Wishing hope

Actor Naimal Khawar shared a carousel of photographs from 2023 to reminisce. Her caption expressed gratitude for the year and wished the globe hope, love, and peace. Emojis offered whimsy and positivity.

Anoushey Ashraf: Small pleasures

Anoushey Ashraf posted a video of her year-long exploits. In a comprehensive note, she acknowledged the economic and political problems of the last year. She expressed thankfulness for emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and stressed the significance of embracing tiny joys in adversity.

Bhutto: Thankfulness and grief

Author and Palestinian activist Fatima Bhutto ended a year of personal growth and global tragedy. She described her thankfulness while realizing the terrible global circumstances, notably in Palestine. She said, “We must be hammers now,” advocating for change and activity.

Aly and Khan: Remembering the Dead

Celebrities Sajal Aly and Armeena Khan wished for a calm and successful year. Sajal Aly hoped for Gaza and all victims of Israeli violence.

Armeena Khan, on the other hand, sent a bittersweet message, remembering those who died before the new year, including her father, and asking followers to pray for them.

Hussain: Bumpy roads

After a difficult moment, actor Adeel Hussain thanked family, friends, and even strangers on Instagram. He promised to carry the finest of humanity into 2024, emphasizing the significance of choosing happiness despite suffering.

Junaid Khan: Celebrating special people

Singer and actor Junaid Khan shared a joyful New Year’s Eve experience, thanking significant people in his life. He praised those who made the occasion special and prayed for global love and peace.

Humaima Malick: Peace prayer

Humaima Malick posted a touching Instagram photo with her brother Feroze Khan. She wished everyone pleasure, peace, and betterment in the next year. The article included prayers emphasizing positivity and appreciation in the midst of uncertainty.

Saba Qamar: Happy wishes

The star wishes her followers a year of joy, happiness, and amazing memories in a brief tweet. Her modest message of pleasure and tranquility for the new year resonates worldwide.

Celebrities’ views and greetings for the new year reminded us of the shared human experience, gratitude, and hope for positive change.

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