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Bidayatan 2024: Celebrating Artistic Renaissance in Dubai with Nada Al Barazi and Emerging Talents


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Dubai, a city synonymous with architectural marvels and cultural vibrancy, recently added another feather to its cap with the successful hosting of “Bidayatan,” an art exhibition that has become the talk of the art world. This event took place on February 3, 2024, at the esteemed Wyndham Hotel Deira, orchestrated by HAYAT ARTs in collaboration with Wyndham Hotel, marking a significant milestone in the celebration of art’s unifying and inspiring power.

“Bidayatan” attracted a slew of high-profile attendees, highlighting the event’s importance in enriching Dubai’s cultural tapestry. Among the distinguished guests was Mr. Yaqoob Ali, the Executive Director and Private Advisor to His Highness, Jumma bin Makhtoum Al Makhtoum, along with other luminaries such as Nada al Brazi, Mrs. Sultana Kazim, Mr. Faisal abdlqader, and Mr. Ahmed Al Ahwadi Rukni, showcasing the broad support for the arts within the community.

The event was brought to life through the exceptional efforts of the Hayat art team, spearheaded by Safa Peshimam and Sara Peshimam, whose coordination and planning ensured a seamless and memorable exhibition. The curator, Mr. Peter Gressman, played a pivotal role in presenting a curated selection of artworks that sparked meaningful dialogue among attendees.

Among the featured artists, Pakistani artist Abid Alam stood out, captivating both attendees and critics with his compelling narrative of rediscovery and passion for art. After a hiatus of over two decades, a simple question from a cousin reignited his passion for painting, leading to a prolific period where he created numerous artworks filled with realism and rich narratives. His participation in “Bidayatan” not only marked his reemergence as an artist but also highlighted the event’s role in fostering a vibrant art community in Dubai.

The exhibition also celebrated the achievements of artists Edcel and Naura, who secured the first and second prizes, respectively, demonstrating the international caliber of talent at the event. Pakistani female artists Afsheen Beig and Meeran Nasir also received acclaim for their works, emphasizing the significant role of women in the art world and showcasing the diversity and depth of Pakistani artistry on a global stage.

A special mention must be made of Nada Al Barazi, who graced “Bidayatan” as the Chief Guest. Her presence and support underscored the exhibition’s significance and its success in bringing together artists and art enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Nada Al Barazi, celebrated for her contributions to the art world, shared her impressions of the event on her Instagram, praising the organizers for their remarkable job and expressing confidence in the bright future of HAYAT ARTs. Her message, filled with pride and encouragement, reflects the transformative power of art in connecting cultures and fostering dialogue.

“Bidayatan” has thus established itself as a landmark event in Dubai’s cultural calendar, promising the dawn of innovative and captivating artistic expressions in the future. The exhibition not only showcased remarkable talent but also set the stage for future artistic endeavors, eagerly anticipated by art lovers worldwide.

As we celebrate the creativity and achievements of all the artists at “Bidayatan,” we look forward to witnessing their future works. The event reaffirms the transformative power of art in uplifting the human spirit and paving the way for more engaging and innovative artistic expressions in the future.

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