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Badshah says he was referring to Justin Bieber when he allegedly insulted BTS in a song.


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A recent dispute has surrounded the lyrics to the song Issa Vibe by the Indian rapper Badshah. Badshah turned to social media to clarify his comments after receiving reactions from fans who felt he had disrespected the popular K-pop band BTS.

Song lyrics by Badshah in Issa Vibe go something like, “Playlist pe Bad Bunny BTS biba, har raat beer peeni hai tujhe kiba.” Fans were outraged because they thought the rapper was being sexist when he used the Punjabi word for “woman” (biba).

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook make up BTS, a K-pop group with a massive fan base. The BTS Army, as its supporters are affectionately known, is fiercely loyal to the band.

Badshah has responded to the criticism and misunderstandings that have arisen about him on Instagram Stories. The rapper referred to Justin Bieber in the line, “Playlist mein Bad Bunny, BTS ‘Bieber. Fans, pleased to learn the purported insult was just a mistake, have subsequently flooded social media with expressions of gratitude.

Badshah’s lyrics have been criticized before, so this is hardly new. He offered an explanation for the controversial lyrics in his song Sanak back in May. A Hindu priest had complained that Badshah had mixed profanity with the name of Lord Shiva (Bholenath) in the song.

Badshah has explained that the word “bibba” in his song “Issa Vibe” was not intended as an insult to BTS, despite what some listeners may have thought. It emphasizes the value of taking song lyrics in their original context rather than making quick judgments.

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