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Asim Azhar addresses the fanbase’s fat-shaming and Adnan Sami comparisons.

The singer posts photos of himself in various outfits to 'prove' he hasn't gained weight.


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Even in the year 2023, singer Asim Azhar is the newest target of body shamers. The 26-year-old musician, who boasted of selling out venues on his US tour, was met with criticism from the general public. Fans, rather than congratulating him and expressing their joy, commented on how “fat” he appeared in the photos and encouraged him to get in shape.

The Ghalat Fehmi singer updated his Instagram followers on Wednesday with news about his continuing US tour. What a fantastic weekend with my favourite cities in the world, Houston and Dallas! Consecutive sold-out performances. Fun was abundant for me. Next stop, Seattle! “Then I’m going home!” he exclaimed.

Asim Azhar donned blue oversized pants, a white t-shirt, and an oversized black glitzy jacket in the photos. Despite the fact that the Habibi singer was sporting a rather trendy outfit as the photos showed. An energetic performance, all the fans could talk about was her changing weight. Fans went over the top in their body shaming, drawing similarities to celebrities like Adnan Sami Khan and Ducky Bhai and even tagging his fiancée, the actor Merub Ali.

“Lose some weight, bro; otherwise, your wife will look very tiny in front of you,” one person said. Asim is currently attempting to best Adnan Sami’s records. Nooo, Fatty,” another user chimed in. Someone on Twitter expressed relief, writing, “Thank God, people like you also get fat.” Meanwhile, another voiced the opinion that he should “go to a gym” and “work out.” In order to shed the weight he had supposedly gained during his tour. He wore a white t-shirt with a black design and black cargo pants and said, “Is this okay?”

He was dressed in a black sweatshirt and asked, “Or this?”

When asked, “Should I stop wearing baggy clothes then?” In a story of his own creation, he continued, “Should I dress down like this now?” He summed up, his black button-down shirt exposed over tattered jeans.

The comments on Asim Azhar’s article are not only troubling, but they also demonstrate that fans do not view superstars as complex human beings capable of growth and development.

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