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As a singer, you outshone me. Sonu Nigam addresses Omer Nadeem’s plagiarism claims.

The singer apologized and said he had nothing to do with the song.


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Sonu Nigam and Omer Nadeem may have reconciled in the nicest way. After being accused of plagiarizing his music, the former quickly left regretful and contrite remarks on Omer’s post, which Omer has since published on Instagram.

“Just so you all know, I have nothing to do with this,” the famous Indian singer said. “My Dubai neighbor KRK (Kamaal R Khan) asked me to sing. Even though I don’t sing for everyone, I couldn’t reject him.” The singer added, “If I had heard Omer’s version, I would have never sung it.”

Omer replied, “I agree with you; I never said you did anything. As usual, the news changed. I learned a lot from your music as a child. I adore you. Love you!” The’real characters’ in this scenario aren’t even on my radar, he said. Mentioning them is like teaching a goldfish quantum physics—pointless because they won’t understand. I’d concentrate on what matters.”

However, the conversation continued. Sonu, as expected, elaborated in Hindi. “You sang better than me. Sorry, I didn’t hear your song. Hear it now. This song is great, and you sang it better than me. Keep going. Bless you more. May Allah honor you for this. Lots of affection and prayers.” Omer said, “Your sentiments mean a lot to me! You are the world’s most melodic and varied singer. Great respect!”

The famous Indian singer was accused of plagiarism in his current version of Sun Zara, published on December 2 by T-Series with DJ Sheizwood and Kamaal R. Khan (KRK). Omer Nadeem, a Pakistani musician, said Sonu’s version resembled Aey Khuda from 2009.

Despite almost two million views in four days, Sun Zara’s credits didn’t name Omer or his record label, fueling plagiarism claims. He expressed his displeasure on Instagram, despite loving Sonu’s vast body of work.

“I’ve stopped caring about these things.” But hey, if you’re going to do it, at least give a little credit to the original track.” Omer captioned a video comparing the two tracks. He also claimed appropriation and noted the qualitative difference. Omer said, “If you’re going to pull this off, you could’ve at least done it with finesse. I love Sonu Nigam, but this is far from the real thing.” In sympathy, Armeena Khan tagged Sonu under Omer’s tweet and said, “Why are you stealing music?”

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