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Areej Chaudhry Former Miss Pakistan World prospect for India-Pakistan beauty pageants


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Areej Chaudhry, a Pakistani model, believes that our presence in the world’s beauty forums is almost non-existent. In order to provide models from both Pakistan and India with the exposure they need, we must organize beauty competitions between the two nations themselves.

In addition to representing Pakistan in Miss Earth, the world’s third-largest beauty pageant, Areej, who won the title of Miss Pakistan World, said her next stop would be Egypt in March for the Miss Eco International contest. Areej, on the other hand, has made it clear that she has no immediate intentions to tie the knot and would only do so if she has found her perfect match.

 While Pakistan is undeniably a lovely nation in its own right, it’s impossible for us to be represented in any of the world’s beauty competitions owing to a number of inescapable circumstances. “Indian talent receives great backing from sponsors and the government, yet our models are equally as capable as Indian models.” “Pakistan and India may also hold regional beauty competitions,” she continued. Such competitions should, however, be conducted on an equal basis.

Areej said it was an honor to represent Pakistan at Miss Earth, which had contestants from 92 nations, including China and the United States. Thankful with her accomplishment, she announced she was going to Egypt to compete in the Eco International contests. Models from a variety of nations, including Belgium, Albania, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, India, and Finland, will appear at Eco International.

Areej asserted that models are trained to live in love and peace while working in the profession. In order to better one’s self, it is important to go ahead while allowing others to do the same. Every model, in my view, should compete on an equal footing.”

If you want to win Miss Pakistan, you need to be able to speak as well as walk, according to Areej Hussain. “In addition to nailing it on the catwalk and in photoshoots, you need to hone your communication skills and keep up with current events as well. As an international model, “it is also required that you have a respect for various cultures and engage in charitable work,” she said.

Areej elaborated on her concept, saying that her major objective is to portray Pakistan in a more good light. “Pakistan is a beautiful country, and the world knows it.” It’s not only about looks in beauty competitions; your intellect and social skills are also considered, in addition to your physical attributes. According to a model who has been working for animal rights and supporting thalassemia children’s charity initiatives in her own country, “your social engagement in your own nation is also noticed throughout the contests.”

In addition to winning Miss Pakistan, Areej has participated in at least four to five television shows. Ayesha Omar, one of the biggest stars in the industry, is set to star with her in the film. Pakistan and India are the backdrops for this action-packed thriller.

Areej claimed that she feels that marriage is a question of chance, based on her own experiences. No one has been able to make an impression on me thus far.” When I find someone who wants to get married, that’s when I’ll get married.

A spouse, in my view, should stay at your side during the good times and the bad. She insisted that he should be supportive and open-minded in acknowledging your national and international accomplishments.

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Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
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