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Alia is more of a dedicated mother than a wife in Ranbir Kapoor’s opinion.

The actor Ranbir Kapoor and his partner Alia Bhatt recently welcomed their daughter Raha.


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Ranbir Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood actor, has been extremely productive this year. The actor’s two new films, Shamshera and Brahmastra, mark his return to the theater after an extended absence. He also made headlines when he secretly married his longtime girlfriend, Bollywood superstar Alia Bhatt. The couple’s first child, a daughter named Raha, was born in November of that year.

Ranbir has been very occupied recently with the promotional events for his new film, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar. The actor gave a number of interviews in which he spoke about his life and career. Ranbir recently said, “She is amazing in both, but I would say better mother,” in response to Siddharth Kannan’s question about whether Alia is a better wife or a better mother.

Ranbir, who likes to think of himself as something of an expert, explained his method of burping to Raha. He continued, “Burping is a big thing when a baby is born, especially in the first few months, and I think a lot of people don’t know this, especially those who don’t have kids.

During an earlier interview with Good Times, Ranbir Kapoor mentioned his and his wife’s newborn daughter. Alia’s just now starting to show signs of personality, adding that he hopes she doesn’t end up being just like his wife.

Ideally, Raha will have Alia’s features. When she grows up to resemble her, she’ll be more attractive. I can’t have two women like Alia in the house. So I hope she takes after me more than she does. Alia is a very loud and outgoing person with a lively spirit. Having two young daughters at home is a daunting prospect. I’m hoping Raha is more subdued and demure than Alia is so that we can both be comfortable around her.

At the end of their conversation, the Rockstar actor made a touching remark about becoming a father for the first time. It’s beyond my ability to put it into words. I had no idea I was capable of having such strong feelings for another person. I really believed I had made it to the pinnacle of success. He said, “I didn’t know life could’ve offered me more; I found love, got married, and am surrounded by friends and family.

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