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“Why Salman Khan is a Prime Target for Notorious Gangs: A History of Threats”


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Following the recent shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai apartment, reports suggest involvement of gangster Vishal Rahul, known for his ties to organized crime. Vishal’s association with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, infamous for its violent activities, adds to the gravity of the situation.

This isn’t the first time Salman has faced such threats. In May 2022, the Lawrence Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility for the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and had previously targeted Salman. Anmol Bishnoi, brother of jailed gangster Lawrence, warned of further attacks on Salman via social media.

Despite these threats, Salman’s father, Salim Khan, has downplayed the situation as mere publicity stunts. However, Salman has taken precautions, obtaining a gun license and investing in bulletproof vehicles for protection.

Previous threats against Salman date back to 2018, when he faced backlash for violating religious sentiments. In 1998, Salman’s association with the killing of a blackbuck during a film shoot drew the ire of the Bishnoi community, leading to threats against him.

Despite the persistent threats, Salman remains a prominent figure in Indian cinema. His upcoming movie, Sikandar, scheduled for release on Eid 2025, attests to his enduring popularity.

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