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Aima Baig Opens Up About Post-Breakup Struggles: “I Was Ready to Give Up”

Pakistani singer Aima Baig shares her emotional journey post-breakup with Shahbaz Shigri, revealing the toll of public scrutiny and trolling. Despite the challenges, she emphasizes her determination to overcome and maintain her passion for singing.


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In a candid discussion on Ahmad Ali Butt’s podcast, Aima Baig reflects on her highly publicized breakup with Shahbaz Shigri, shedding light on the emotional turmoil she faced in the aftermath.

Aima emphasizes that despite the split, she and Shahbaz remain amicable, maintaining regular communication and mutual respect. She reminisces about their strong connection and regrets the intense public attention their relationship received.

The singer opens up about societal pressures regarding marriage and her hesitation to conform. Despite reassurances from her ex-fiancé, Aima felt overwhelmed by expectations, leading to doubts about her readiness for marriage.

Expressing her frustration over public criticism and skewed narratives, Aima reveals the toll it took on her mental health, confessing to moments of despair and thoughts of giving up. She highlights the impact on her family, who faced backlash alongside her.

Despite the challenges, Aima remains resilient, determined to pursue her passion for singing despite the adversities she faces in the public eye.

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