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Actress Javeria Saud claims that the general public wrongly assumes that actresses do not practice their faith.

The actress Javeria Saud spoke about how the public was always shocked whenever they saw her doing a religious ritual.


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In a recent interview, Javeria Saud, a famous actor in Pakistan, discussed her career, her marriage to actor Saud Qasmi, and their breakout role in the drama series Baby Baji. She also discussed her strong faith and how her career has shaped how others view her, with many being startled to learn that she is religious.

When host Rabia Mughni of Gup Shup inquired as to whether Javeria had ever encountered the misconception that people in the entertainment industry are not religious or do not regularly practice their faith, Javeria responded with a personal story.

She said that the previous year, when she went to conduct Hajj, someone recognized her and asked her what she was doing in the valley of Mina, where all the pilgrims were gathering to perform the rites of the holy pilgrimage. She also talked about how people react when they see her at a Mehfil-e-Milaad or other religious gathering. These are just a few of the many times she has experienced the shock and awe of onlookers who, unable to reconcile the thought that an actress can be equally committed to their work and their religion, have witnessed her participating in a religious ritual.

She went on to argue that, because everyone’s relationship with God is unique, it is not fair to judge another person’s devotion to their faith based on their personal observations. In an interview, Javeria argued that people shouldn’t assume that just because someone is an entertainer or involved in the performing arts, they are irreligious and don’t have a close relationship with God.

Javeria has been on television for a long time; she has presented her own morning show and five live Ramadan broadcasts. Javeria took a break from acting after years of appearing in drama serials; she has only recently returned to the industry. Her portrayal of Baby Baji in the hit drama series is garnering as much acclaim as her time spent as Jamila in the long-running comedy-drama Yeh Zindagi Hai.

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