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Actress Alizeh Shah has had a police report filed against her after a co-star accused her of assault.


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Actress-in-training Minsa Malik has lodged a police report (FIR) against her co-star, Alizeh Shah, accusing her of assault during a shoot. According to a case filed in Islamabad, Malik’s co-star Shah resorted to physical force on Tuesday when she confronted him about his disrespectful behavior.

“The camera was rolling, the shooting was in progress for Mohabbat Ki Aakhri Kahani, and I was on the scene,” Malik claimed in her complaint. Drugs were clearly in play for Alizeh Shah, who was also present. She came up to me and tossed me a cigarette that had been packed with marijuana. I backed away from her and smacked her as a defense mechanism. After that, she became aggressive and began physically harming me. While screaming, she used foul language and tore at her own clothing.

According to the FIR, Alizeh Shah also attempted to throw her sandal at me, but I avoided it. When she acted out, she was completely stoned. The camera that was recording the incident caught our erratic behavior on camera. Alizeh argued that the video’s release would lead to nothing but further slander against her.

In her lawsuit, Malik also claimed that Shah was envious of her success in the workplace. The actor also mentioned that filming on another production had been suspended due to Shah’s troublesome behavior. The star of “Ishq Tamasha” has not yet addressed the allegations against him.

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