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Abdul Hannan’s ‘Kehdena’ by Annural Khalid is afire with fervor.

A twist adds emotion to this otherwise standard ballad.


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The singers and songwriters Annural Khalid and Abdul Hannan have released a heartfelt love song. Kehdena, the song, is all about making a silent declaration of love. It incorporates the good old guitar feel that seems lost on today’s bedroom pop musicians as it delves deeply into the myriad emotions or glances of love.

The song’s incorporation of soul-blue elements is a subtle deviation from conventional pop music that adds a dash of variety to the market’s standard dose of electronic music. In terms of both melody and execution, it is a welcome reprieve. The song Kehdena, written by Khalid and Hannan and produced by ChillBazaar, has catchy harmonies and lyrics.

So far, Hannan’s voice has appeared tailor-made for dark, lo-fi tunes. The singer in Kehdena, however, seems well aware of his own limitations and makes excellent use of this knowledge. His ability to convey unexpectedly heartfelt sentiments of love and affection while singing in a key that suits him best often comes as a pleasant surprise to his audience.

However, Khalid manages to maintain the song’s beat while expertly manipulating her vocals. However, the song doesn’t place any particular demands on this area. It has simple lyrics and a straightforward arrangement, but it’s full of feeling (especially during the guitar solo).

The song’s pleading for love is amplified in the accompanying music video. It’s wonderfully staged and lit just by candles. Since the song is only three minutes long, the video is able to show Khalid and Hannan in all their glory. Kehdena is ideal for both long and short trips because it provides the correct number of necessities.

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