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A smear campaign against Sophie Turner has the internet calling Joe Jonas “disgusting.”

Backlash on the internet against Joe Jonas' smear campaign against Sophie Turner has been described as "disgusting."


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After four years of marriage, American musician Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner just announced they are divorcing. The couple shared the news on social media with a joint statement. Jonas allegedly filed for divorce first, as reported by TMZ.

Despite the couple’s Instagram post saying their divorce after “four wonderful years” was mutual, the internet is rife with rumors that the split wasn’t so amicable. A statement released by the couple read, “There are many speculative narratives as to why, but, truly, this is a united decision, and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children. The couple may have anticipated or witnessed something similar. There can be no smoke if there is no fire, as the old adage goes.

Tabloid Pop Base has published a series of tweets purportedly from TMZ, all of which seem to suggest that Turner was the source of the relationship’s problems. In less than a week, various tabloid posts began to weave together a story that looked determined to cast Turner in a negative light. They reported the breakup and then said, “A source tells TMZ the reason Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner is because she likes to party and he prefers to stay at home. They live drastically different lives. To rephrase, “Joe Jonas sought to salvage his marriage with Sophie Turner before filing for divorce, a source says on Page Six: ‘Divorce was a last resort for Joe. He believed he had to do what was best for his daughters, even though he deeply regretted doing so.

A further report claimed that Joe Jonas had filed for divorce after he caught Sophie Turner doing or saying something on a ring camera. “Sources tell TMZ that Joe Jonas filed for divorce after he allegedly caught Sophie doing or saying something on a ring camera. Tabloids published articles fanning the flames of speculation even after the unified statement was released. There was also a post that read, “Sophie Turner’s team had ‘no comment’ to TMZ on the allegation that Joe Jonas filed for divorce after catching her doing or saying something on a ring camera.”

But here’s the catch: There are so many variations on the “bad woman, bad mother” trope that it’s become stale. Many people believe it; however, some are curious about the “source” of these claims. Many people are beginning to wonder if Jonas is to blame for the growing body of skepticism surrounding the same. “Joe Jonas’ PR team is working overtime to paint Sophie Turner bad,” one X user said. After their initial lie about her being a “party animal” fell flat, they are now trying another. Stop, holy crap!

In fact, many people started to wonder if JoBro was the source of the trouble. One commenter posted a video explaining how the musician stole Turner’s twenties and how his supposed PR team should stop portraying Turner as a “party girl” since she has previously spoken about being a homebody in interviews. She was overheard thanking her husband, the “social butterfly,” for the time they were able to spend together.

Some observers have drawn attention to the fact that he got in touch with Turner when she was much younger than he was. One X user wondered, “Wasn’t Sophie like 19 when Joe was in her DMs in the first place? He was 19 and he was 26,” said another. I can’t stand the guy. He is obviously spreading rumors of awful things. Such senseless cruelty, another onlooker remarked.

With each new piece of information revealed by the “source,” the growing chorus of people in favor of Turner was a blow to the famous Jonas Brothers. One X user declared, “In this house, we will always support the Queen in the North over any random Jonas brother. “She is being so smart by not saying a word,” another person remarked, praising Turner’s patience.

People on the internet can’t seem to decide who they like more: the Queen of the North or their favorite JoBro. One can only hope that the events that are unfolding will lead to a truly peaceful divorce that does not do any harm to either party.

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