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Zeenat Aman refutes Dev Anand’s claim and makes it clear that she and Raj Kapoor were never romantically involved.

Zeenat Aman said recently that the late Dev Anand was wrong when he thought that she and Raj Kapoor were dating.


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Dev Anand revealed his feelings for co-star Zeenat Aman after meeting on the set of Hare Rama Hare Krishna in 1971 in his autobiography. Romancing With Life was released in 2007. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but he realized that Raj Kapoor had become close. So he wrote that instead. On Friday, veteran actress Zeenat Aman shot down Dev Anand’s assumption that she and Raj Kapoor had a romantic relationship. According to her, the late Dev Anand may have changed some details in his autobiography. About her and Raj Kapoor, but their relationship was always that of director and actor.

Zeenat Aman claims that she and Raj Kapoor never had an “interpersonal” relationship.
Zeenat Aman revealed that she was signed by Raj Kapoor for Satyam Shivam Sundaram and attended the party. In her role as the soon-to-be-famous heroine at the ABP Ideas of India 2023 summit. Raj Kapoor signed me to be the heroine in his upcoming film Satyam Shivam Sundaram, and off I went. There was never any kind of personal connection between us, either before or after that. The relationship between the director and the actor has always been one of the equals.

Although we shared a deep commitment to our respective fields. He never once questioned my decision to not dress in white on the job. You’ll notice that I’ve never worn white to any of his parties or shoots. He has never once asked me why I wasn’t wearing white. With due respect, she said, “Ek kahani banane me, hindsight se kuch interesting banane ke liye kuch jumle daal dete hain”.

Zeenat Aman admitted that she does not fully understand Dev Anand’s perspective. She is confident in her ability to say that his claim was false and that she plans to do so in her autobiography.

This is what Dev Anand said about Zeenat Aman and Raj Kapoor in his autobiography.
Dev Anand claimed in his book that he had arranged to meet Zeenat. But had to drop everything to attend a party. His first description of the party involved a “drunken Raj Kapoor,” who “threw his arms around her exuberantly” after seeing Zeenat from a distance. It dawned on me that this seemed oddly familiar. She seemed to be returning his embrace with more than politeness, according to what he had written.

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