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Zeenat Aman Disapproves Unsanctioned Biopic Casting, Highlights Need for Personal Involvement.


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Renowned Bollywood figure Zeenat Aman has voiced her reservations regarding the decision to produce a biopic on her life without her direct involvement. The announcement of actor Payal Ghosh playing Aman in the upcoming film “Shaque: The Doubt” has sparked skepticism, prompting Aman to criticize the move as ill-advised.

In a detailed Instagram post accompanied by an archival photo, Aman stressed the necessity of her active participation in the biopic project, dismissing the notion of creating it without her input as impractical. “While some may see this as the ramblings of an elderly lady, I firmly believe that a biopic about me without my collaboration would be a mistake,” she expressed.

Known for her forthrightness, Aman emphasized her unparalleled knowledge of her own life, cautioning against the potential inadequacies and biases in any research conducted without her direct involvement. She remarked, “Frankly speaking, nobody understands my life better than I do, so any attempt to explore it without my guidance would be lacking and potentially skewed.”

Expressing concerns about potential misrepresentation, Aman conveyed her wariness about strangers, particularly men, narrating her life story, fearing they might perpetuate stereotypes. She specifically addressed the challenge of overcoming the ‘sex symbol’ image, expressing concern that, in inexperienced hands, her life’s story could descend into crude sensationalism and speculation.

Aman clarified her stance on social media, asserting, “I am neither a seductress nor a helpless victim. I am simply not a stereotype.” She stressed the importance of having a sensitive director, a courageous writer, a fitting cast, and a producer capable of backing the project financially for any potential film or series based on her life.

Despite her initial reservations, the actor recognized the possibility of a future film or series, expressing willingness if it involves a competent team. She stressed the significance of having a director, writer, cast, and producer who comprehend the intricacies of her journey.

In response, Ghosh expressed her gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to portray the legendary actor in the biopic. Acknowledging Aman’s iconic status, Ghosh remarked, “Zeenat Aman is a legend, and the chance to portray her on-screen is a monumental opportunity for any actor of this era.”

Directed by Rajeev Chaudhari, “Shaque: The Doubt” aims to delve into various aspects of Aman’s life and career. With Ghosh leading the portrayal of the veteran actor, anticipation for the film’s release continues to mount, amid ongoing discussions regarding Aman’s concerns about the biopic’s depiction.

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