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Zareen Khan claims that being compared to Katrina Kaif ‘backfired’ on her career because she felt like a “lost child.”

Zareen Khan, who has been compared to Katrina Kaif, claims that the similarities have "backfired" on her career.


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Zareen Khan, a popular Bollywood actress, discussed the difficulties of being compared to Katrina Kaif and dealing with nepotism in a recent AMA on Reddit. Bollywood newcomer Zareen, who co-starred with Salman Khan in the film Veer back in 2010, said that working with Khan was “intimidating.”

Zareen was questioned during her AMA on Reddit about her experience working with Salman, to which she replied, “Intimidating.” The actor’s relationship with Salman continued into a dance performance called “Character Dheela” in the film Ready.

Zareen early days in the industry, when she was frequently compared to Katrina because of their strong. Similarity, were also discussed. While Zareen’s initial reaction to the analogy was one of delight—she adored Katrina—she quickly grasped that it would hurt her professional standing. When I first entered the profession, I felt like a lost little girl. So being compared to Katrina, whom I thought was beautiful, made me very pleased. But it backfired on me professionally since the business didn’t encourage me to be myself,” she said.

Zareen had trouble standing out in the industry despite appearing in a wide variety of films. Including the blockbusters Housefull 2 and Aksar 2. The regional favorites Jatt James Bond and Chanakya (both made in her native Punjab).

The actress of 1921 admitted she was disheartened by the pervasiveness of nepotism in the business, where acquaintances were valued over true skill. People working more on the basis of friendship than competence,” she wrote, was her “greatest qualm.”

Zareen explained that she wasn’t as social as people thought she was when asked why she didn’t act in more films despite her many connections in Bollywood. “No. The opposite is true. I don’t have a lot of contacts in the business, and I’m not very good at making small conversation,” she admitted. Zareen’s most recent film is 2021’s Hotstar release Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele.

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