Zahra Yaqub: Lahore social media influenzar whose illness was also mocked by doctors


She was born with broken bones in her legs. Doctors would connect but they would break again with mild pressure.

The early days of The Life of Venus Jacob were spent in some of the same pain and suffering.

Then the doctors told his mother that the girl’s bones were extremely weak and that they might not survive long. Years passed, Venus grew mentally, but her body was not growing according to age.

Someone lovingly tried to lift them up and she would put pressure on her legs and break some bone in her leg.

Zahra’s mother would immediately take her and rush to the hospital. The doctors would fold the bone and they would rest temporarily. However, doctors had no treatment to prevent Venus from breaking bones permanently.

His mother could not be told openly, but the symptoms she gave while talking to the BBC and what doctors had learned that accordingly, Venus had a genetic disease that could not be treated.

In this disease called ‘brittle bone’, the bones of the patient’s body are so weak that they are non-growth and are lightly broken down by stress.

This was the case with Venus Jacob for about nine years. Then the bones of the feet stopped breaking at their hands, or rather they learned to live with somewhat was somewhat weak bones. However, the matter was not limited to hands and feet.

Some doctors even used to make fun of them. ‘Someone used to say feed him elephant eggs. Somebody used to say, Bibi, do you pick him up every day? He didn’t live long, why was he wasting money on him. ‘

His mother did not listen much to what people said, and Zahra also kept daring. His father is employed in state TV. A brother is pursuing higher education. For Zahra’s education, her parents always arranged for her at home.

These days she lives in a small two-room house in the cantonment area of Lahore. In the main room of the house, venus is lying on a large bed or sits up. They can’t walk. A wheelchair of theirs stands next to the bed.

On the same bed, his makeup equipment was placed in a corner and a mirror was mounted on the wall nearby, with several small bulbs.

Zahra Yaqub was holding a mobile phone in her hand, moving the screen with her fingers, looking at her Instagram. He had posted a video and a few pictures of himself on his public account shortly before. The number of followers on Instagram is more than 46,000.

He is now social media influenza. That is, their views on something being good or bad are important because they are reaching out to thousands of people. Many companies send their products for analysis.

But how did Zahra make this possible? How was she fighting with her illness and reaching out to thousands of people?