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You should get to know the potential spouse before committing to a marriage. Mikaal Zulfiqar

The actor said marriage should not be rushed.The actor said marriage should not be rushed.


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As 2023 winds down, Pakistani actor and former model Mikaal Zulfiqar has some dating advice. Mikaal told host-actor Imran Ashraf on a talk program that knowing someone and having a true connection before marriage were crucial.

“I would suggest just one thing: get to know the person you’re planning to marry,” the actor advised. “It’s important to know the person before you consider [marriage],” Mikaal said. The star reiterated that everyone should take their time before jumping. This decision should not be rushed. Just know yourself and the individual, he said.

Mikaal married Sara Bhatti in 2010. In 2017, the Sherdil actor announced his divorce from his wife after online rumors about their connection. Mikaal and Sara announced their divorce on Facebook after a long separation.

“I have been meaning to mention this. The actor wrote in the brief statement that he finally had the courage. It is sad to say that my 6-year marriage is over. Divorce followed a long separation and failed reconciliation efforts.

Mikaal appeared on The Knock Knock Show in October, arguing that Indian films had exploited Pakistani artists. Zulfiqar debuted in Bollywood with Naseeruddin Shah’s 2007 film Shoot on Sight and later acted in Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher’s 2015 action flick Baby.

“India always takes advantage of Pakistani actors; either you are made to do something that shows you are a Pakistani or your role is portrayed in such a way,” he claimed.

As far as my career has shown, Pakistani actors are not equal in Indian films, Mikaal said. I only talk about the last 10–15 years. No problem working across, but not if we don’t get equal opportunity as Indians. If you’re cast in a supporting role and do something Pakistan will mock, I’m pleased to work just in our films and shows.”

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