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Wow, this is a great age to be alive. The year 2023 has been declared the year of local music in Pakistan, and the people are ecstatic.

Ali Sethi's pick for Coachella, Travis Scott, performing alongside Young Stunners, bodes well for the festival's success this year.


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There have only been two weeks of 2023, and already it is shaping up to be an incredible year for Pakistani entertainment, particularly the music industry. Ali Sethi and Young Stunners played at Coachella with Travis Scott and Lil Uzi, which made each group’s fans very happy and impressed.

To quote one Twitter user, “What a time to be a Pakistani music listener!”

Songs from the 14th season of Coke Studio, which came out last year, were used in the Marvel show Ms. Marvel. This helped Sethi, the local rappers, and many other Pakistani stars become even more well-known around the world.

An enthusiastic listener enumerated the many positive aspects of the current music scene in their area. The tweet describing our musicians’ successes read, “Pakistani musicians gathering wins left, right, and center!” “Young stunning performers in Abu Dhabi on the same stage as Travis Scott, Ali Sethi performing at Coachella, Kahani Suno and Pasoori on the global top 100 song charts on YouTube, and Abdul Hannan just existing,” they wrote, declaring their love for 2023.

Another Coachella attendee shared my enthusiasm for the collaboration between Indian and Pakistani artists, calling it “an exciting time for Punjabis.”

A Twitter user defended Young Stunners’ unplanned rise to fame in response to a tweet that dismissed the work of local musicians. The rappers expressed genuine gratitude for their success when asked about their rise from Burger-e-Karachi. To be honest, I’m quite pleased with them. It’s amazing how far Young Stunner has come and how far they still have to go. Ali Sethi is deserving of all the acclaim he’s receiving.

According to one fan, it’s “scientific” that listening to Sethi’s music makes them feel good inside. In cold weather, nothing warms you up like listening to Ali Sethi. They wrote, “It’s been demonstrated scientifically.”

Sethi will be performing on day three of Coachella 2023 alongside headliners Frank Ocean, BLACKPINK, and Bad Bunny. The Pasoori singer posted the announcement on Instagram. Suggested phrase: “Let’s get everybody out here!” As Sethi explained in his article, After last year’s performance by Arooj Aftab, a Grammy-winning Pakistani artist, Sethi will be the second Pakistani performer to headline Coachella. Salute to this year being designated as the international year of Pakistani music and musicians!

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