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Yasir Hussain Urges Viewers to Experience ‘Chikkar’: A Must-Watch Crime Thriller.


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Popular Pakistani actor and host Yasir Hussain recently took to Instagram to share his heartfelt appreciation for the crime drama film “Chikkar,” marking the directorial debut of Zaheer Uddin. In a series of posts, Yasir expressed his admiration for the film, alongside pictures with Chikkar actor Usman Mukhtar, TV veteran Noor-ul-Hassan, and his co-star from “Taxali Gate,” Umer Aalam, among others.

Accompanied by video snippets from the cinema hall, Yasir conveyed his emotional reaction to the impactful scenes of “Chikkar,” admitting, “Yesterday, I watched Chikkar. Beautifully written and directed by Zaheer Uddin. It was after a long time that I cried while watching a film.” He delved deeper into the film’s themes, reflecting on the state of society and urging viewers to confront the harsh realities depicted in the movie.

Yasir encouraged his followers to experience “Chikkar,” describing it as a “gift to the nation” and praising the stellar performances of Usman Mukhtar, Ushna Shah, and Nausheen Shah. He also highlighted Faryal Mehmood’s standout cameo, applauding her contribution to the film.

Released nationwide on December 22, 2023, “Chikkar” captivated audiences with its gripping trailer and promises a unique blend of suspense, drama, and realism. Set in a small town in Punjab, the film features stellar performances by a talented cast, including Mukhtar, Shah, Mehmood, and seasoned TV and theatre actors, offering a compelling cinematic journey into the complexities of society.

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