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Wiz Khalifa’s New Year’s Eve single, Never Drinking Again; 7 Fast Facts About the Singer

Wiz Khalifa recently performed at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and dropped a new song in time for the holiday. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the famous rapper and singer.


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Wiz Khalifa released a new song called “Never Drinking Again” just in time for New Year’s Eve. To make the same announcement, the musician and rapper posted to Instagram, “Excellent timing for the New Year!” You can use this sound effect in a video you make the day after the party with the hashtag “#neverdrinkingagain” if you promise to drink responsibly. Its accompanying cover art, showing Wiz slouched over a pile of Christmas presents, was also made public.

The new song by Wiz Khalifa follows the release of his recent project Multiverse in July and its deluxe edition in October. Khalifa experimented with various musical styles for this project, all of which he called “soulful.” More recently, the rapper made headlines when he said it would be “fun” to compete against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz-style event. Khalifa also participated in 2021’s Season 5 of The Masked Singer, performing under the alias Chameleon, and placed third.

New music from Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa’s latest single finds the rapper and singer retracing his steps while nursing a hangover. “Lots of ladies, no booze; I don’t need my brains to be spinning; I’m familiar with the groundwork.” “When I say I’m not going to drink again, it’s like two shots and I’m loaded; then those two shots turn into forty, and I wake up wondering how I got back into the habit.”

Wiz Khalifa names his ideal VERZUZ opponents.
Wiz Khalifa recently spoke about his dream Verzuz opponent in an interview with DJ Superstar Jay. According to the MC, “Lil Wayne, that sounds like a blast of a time. Just imagine me and Wayne going back and forth, performing bangers; it would be tough, because Wayne is a really dope performer. We also share a mutual love of smoking a lot of weed. “More like a concert than a VERZUZ, in my opinion.” Moreover, he mentioned Kid Cudi, saying, “He’s the kind of guy I can relate to… We appeal to a wide variety of people, and he, like me, has some timeless, essential pieces in his repertoire “by way of NME.”

History of Wiz Khalifa’s Early Years
The rapper known as Wiz Khalifa was born in that state, as was Cameron Thomaz. His travels took him from Germany to England to Japan before he finally settled in Pittsburgh. The rapper claims that his time spent abroad widened his perspective. After relocating to Pittsburgh in his early teens, Khalifa began penning and performing his own rap lyrics. The Pittsburgh City Council also declared December 12 to be Wiz Khalifa Day. Supposedly, the rapper got his first tattoo when he was 16 years old, and his mother was there with him the whole time.

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