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When Shah Rukh Khan admitted his fault if Salman Khan was angry


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he Bollywood industry today is a co-existing place with actors appreciating each other for their work and craft and praising them on social media. Bollywood rivalries have come a far way from what they were back in the day. One such rivalry was that of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. The actors are known for their massive fan following on social media and films over the years which has generated an abundant amount of craze. However, there was a phase when the two superstars had a fallout like no other.

Much is written and spoken about their public fight in 2008 and tensions before that. For years, the stars refrained from talking to each other and even acknowledging in public. But did you know back in 2011, Shah Rukh Khan had gone on record and admitted that he was not great at keeping friendships. On his appearance on season 3 of Koffee With Karan, the filmmaker had asked SRK, “Do you think Salman Khan has a problem with you? Because you couldn’t keep up with the friendship?”

To this, Shah Rukh Khan had replied, “That’s what I said. I can’t keep friends. I don’t know how to keep friends. I would not like to blame anyone for disliking me. I take all the credit for the fact that people love me. But if people dislike me, it has nothing to do with them. It’s all on me.”

He further added that saying sorry for him was one of the most difficult things for him. “If Salman has an issue with me, 100 per cent I have let him down. Farah has an issue with me, 100 per cent I have let her down. If you (KJo) have an issue with me, then I have let you down. And I feel sad that I have let people down. The funny thing is — as much as I know how to say sorry, I can’t get myself to say sorry. And it has got nothing to do with you. As much as I love hugging people, I can’t hug an old friend and say ‘come back to me’. Because I couldn’t do that with my parents. I hugged their dead bodies and told them to ‘come back to me’ and they didn’t. So, I’ve lost that quality to call people back. And this is not to create any kind of news byte, but ya, if Salman is disturbed with me its got to do with me and he is completely in the right.”

SRK concluded by saying, “I wish I knew how to pick up a telephone and say sorry, but I don’t know how to say sorry and am too old to learn that.”

As for Salman, the ‘Dabbang’ actor has also been vocal about his issues with the actor. Back in 2010, he had said, “Only God can come and make us friends again, and that is not happening.” And well that happened much later, when the superstars put their differences aside and patched up in 2013 at an Iftaar party. Since then Salman and SRK have been on great terms and their singing videos have often caused a stir on the Internet.

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