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Weight Loss: 5 smart and effective weight management hacks


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Weight watchers are aware that there is no dearth of weight management tips and tricks that people will tell you or you can find them on the internet. But are these tips safe? And do they help you to drop the extra pounds and witness a budge in the weighing scale? If you are thinking about the same, fret not, as today we have compiled some of the sought after and effective weight loss tips which will actually give you results if you follow them religiously.

1. Grab chewing gum instead of munchies
Do you tend to eat salty or sweet munchie as an afternoon snack? Then you should know that it can backfire if it is not planned properly as the same can leading weight gain due to excess calorie intake. However, you can tackle the issue by curbing the cravings with chewing gum. As per a study which was published in Physiology & Behavior that was conducted in obese women, researchers found that chewing gum after lunch can boost satiety as well as help to reduce high-carb snacking post-lunch.

2. Choose your plates in a smart way to lose weight
As per several studies, usage of larger plates may actually lead to eating more than we need. So, when you are about to eat something healthy for example a salad then go for a big bowl or plate and when you are ordering processed or junk foodstuff, use a small plate.

3. Drink some water 30 minutes before meals
Having around 16-ounce of a glass of water 30 minutes before your meals will help you to lose around 3 pounds over the next few months. In 2015, a research was conducted over 84 adults and researchers found that participants who drank water before meals lost more weight than those who didn’t. One of the reasons why the same help is that water makes us feel fuller.

4. Sleep is very vital
It is okay to hit that snooze button and enjoy the beauty sleep as sleeping plays a pretty important role in weight loss and many studies have backed the idea over the years.
For example, a June 2019 study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that overweight people who slept less than six hours a night did not lose weight than those who regularly sleep for seven to nine hours a night. For the unversed, sleeping helps to reset our body and it also helps us to make healthier food choices throughout the day.

5. Trick your body with Pistachios
Nut and pista lovers would rejoice as they can help you to lose or maintain the weight. So, whenever hunger pangs hit you grab the jar of pistachios over cookies or other munchies. As per studies, we tend to trick our bodies to feel full when we see a lot of shells as we eat. The large portion size will curb the intake This particular study was conducted years back and has been known as the pistachio principle. The best part of munching on pistachios is that they low in calories and high in nutrients.

Slowing down eating, swapping mushrooms for red meat and keeping a journal to track the intake are some other hacks that should help to shed those extra pounds.

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