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Box Office Earnings for the Week of January 1, 2023: Ved sets a new benchmark for Marathi films; Avatar 2 and Drishyam 2 report.

Thanks to the Pongal and Sankranthi releases, an Indian film will break the Rs. 15 crore barrier for the first time since Drishyam 2.


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At the box office, the first week of the New Year ended along fairly predictable lines, with the films performing as expected. After the prosperous holiday season, movie ticket sales have been falling off significantly. Ved, a Marathi romantic thriller directed by Riteish Deshmukh, is the only movie that hasn’t taken a major hit since its release over the New Year’s holiday. If there isn’t a major new release in theatres this weekend, the films that are currently playing should maintain their audience sizes better than they would have if they had faced competition.

Marathi Films Have Their Best Opening Weekend Ever With Ved:

The Marathi film Ved, starring Riteish Deshmukh and his sister Genelia Deshmukh, has broken all box office records. The film’s first-week earnings are over Rs. 20 crore, which is an all-time record. Six days in a row, the film has performed better than its opening day, and it’s likely that this upward trend will continue into the film’s second weekend. The first week total is a new high for a Marathi film, and if the current upward trend continues, the film could earn well over Rs. 50 crore net. After the box office failure of Mr. Mummy, this seems like a great second chance for the duo. The fans of Riteish’s Marathi films have never wavered in their support. His first Marathi film, Lai Bhaari, held the record for the highest Marathi film gross until it was surpassed by Sairat.

These are Ved’s daily net receipts:

It was a Friday that brought in Rs. 2.25 crore.

Rs. 3.25 billion on a Saturday

4.5 billion rupees on a Sunday

On Monday, the sum of Rs. 3 crores was announced.

On Tuesday, the company made Rs. 2.55 crore.

Earnings for the day: Rs 2.45 crore on Wednesday.

revenue of 2.30 crore rupees on Thursday

Completed = Rs. 20.30 Cr. Nett.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting close to breaking the Indian box office record for a Hollywood film.

In India, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is a record-breaking box office success. This movie will likely break all records for Hollywood films in India. However, receipts fell sharply again. With the film’s main earnings coming in during the lucrative Christmas and New Year period, the significant drop shouldn’t be viewed as a major problem. James Cameron has another historic box office success in India (2009), following Titanic and Avatar. In terms of worldwide box office, it surpassed Top Gun: Maverick’s earnings in just 20 days to become 2022’s highest-grossing film yesterday. It has reached a respectable $1.5 billion and is on track to enter the $2 billion club in the near future. Cameron’s third film, and the sixth overall, to gross over $2 billion worldwide.

The Net of the Day The second Avatar film is available in the following collections:
This is the first week’s total: Rs. 191.50 cr.

100 crores in the second week

Rs. 9.50 crore on the third Friday

On the third weekday, 12 crores

The amount of money made on the third Sunday is Rs. 17 crore.

Rs. 5.75 crore on the third Monday of the month

On the third Tuesday of the month, 4.35 crore rupees were made.

Wed. 3/13: Rs. 3.50 cr.

Every three months, on a Thursday, three million rupees will

Total = 346,0,000,000.00 (net)

Drishyam 2 will surpass Cirkus in its third week, the eighth week of its release.

Drishyam 2, starring Ajay Devgn, will be one of the few films in India to run for more than 50 days. This weekend could be the film’s last in theatres, and it is still doing well, with estimates ranging from 0.8 to 1.1 crore rupees (net). Compared to last week, it will be featured more prominently in advertisements. Cirkus, directed by Rohit Shetty and starring Ranveer Singh, has been a box office flop in its second week, and it will likely be pulled from theatres soon. When a movie like Cirkus fails to find initial acceptance and Drishyam 2 in its eighth week does better business than Cirkus in its third week, that pretty much says it all.

Drishyam 2’s Net Earnings by Day

A total of Rs. 103.50 crore was earned in the first week.

Second week: Rs. 58 crore

Profit of Rs. 31,50 crore in Week 3

A total of Rs. 19 billion was brought in during the fourth week.

5th week: 8 cr.

6th week: 5 crore

80,000 Indian rupees on the seventh Friday of the month

7th Saturday: Rs. 1.2 crore

1.9 billion rupees on the seventh Sunday

This coming Monday, July 7th, you can get $75,000.

Tuesday, July 7th, 60 million rupees

This Wednesday, the 7th, you can get Rs. 50 lakh.

For the seventh Thursday, the sum is Rs. 45 million.

sum of Rs. 231.20 billion (net)

The Net of the Day Listed below is some of the Cirkus collections available: Earnings: Rs. 29,25 crore (about $4 million) in the first week.

Once a month, on a Friday, one million rupees

Income on the second Saturday of the month: Rs. 1.4 cr.

Rs. 2 crore on the second Sunday

The second Monday of the month: 75,000 Indian rupees

A total of Rs. 60 lakh will be paid out every other Tuesday.

On the second Wednesday of the month, you can count on receiving Rs. 45 million.

Rs. 40 million on the second Thursday of the month.

The total amount is Rs. 35.85 crore net.

New Pongal and Sankranthi Movies Will Dominate the Box Office This Year and Beyond:

As many as four major releases could debut in a span of a week in India. When Drishyam 2’s net take surpasses Rs. 15 crores, it will be the first time ever that an Indian film has done so. This Sankranthi/Pongal season sees the release of four films, two in Tamil (Varisu and Thunivu) and two in Telugu (Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya), all of which are projected to earn an opening weekend gross in India of more than Rs. 15 crore nett. It’s unusual for almost two months to pass at the box office with no major release from India, but that’s what’s happened here.

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