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Twitterati can’t stop discussing Saba Qamar in “Sar-e-Rah’s” first episode.


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Saba Qamar returned to TV as a female taxi driver, shattering stereotypes and wowing audiences! The Ahmed Bhatti directorial is a fan favorite, and for some users, the single episode has accomplished what months-long soap operas cannot.

Amar Khan has endorsed the show. She posted a Saba Qamar-starring clip from the first episode on Instagram and said, “In a season of some pretty average dramas unduly praised and viewed, we truly have an exceptional drama after a very long time.” “This confused me.” Sometimes even thirty episodes fail to emote,” she said, praising the directors and Saba Qamar’s act.

Like Amar Khan, Twitter users shared their first impressions of the show, which were positive and hooked viewers after one episode.

“I can’t describe this thought-provoking work’s unsurpassed beauty.” “Sar-e-Rah has already had a tremendous influence on me within one episode,” wrote a user.

“Amazing episode. I’m thrilled with Pakistani TV’s launch in 2023. Saba Qamar excels. I loved how they didn’t overdramatize her journey. The tweet noted bright and hopeful occasions.

Saba Qamar was praised for picking the correct storyline and making her characters shine

“Love Saba Qamar in Sar-e-Rah.” “She’s a great actress in a great part.” “A female cab driver who has just had it with society’s dumb assumptions,” remarked a fan who recommended seeing the show for Rania’s (Saba Qamar’s character) trip.

The first episode of ‘Sar-e-Rah’ has generated an incredible amount of buzz on Twitter. Everyone appears excited about the story’s progression and Pakistani TV needed Sar-e-Rah! An amazing and emotional first episode through “Excited for the other four characters’ journeys!”

Saba Qamar, Hareem Farooq, Saboor Aly, Muneeb Butt, and Sunita Marshall star in the eighth episode of Sar-e-Rah. Each episode follows a different character and highlights social challenges and how people defy taboos to survive.

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