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The serial was predicted to be a huge success, and it even surpassed those projections. Insights from ‘Baby Baji’ star Javeria Saud

Assumed the serial would be a huge success, but it ended up being much bigger: 'Baby Baji' by Javeria Saud


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Famous performer Javeria Saud spoke candidly to a regional news outlet about her time filming the drama serial Baby Baji and the show’s subsequent critical and popular success. Javeria, who plays the lead role of Azra, talked about how happy and proud she is of the show’s success, as well as what it’s been like for her to be a part of it.

Javeria recalled her first thoughts about the show, saying, “I really liked the story when I heard the one-liner.” I thought it was great when our director, Tehseen Khan, and Adeel Suri came to tell us the story. As I read the screenplay, some details came flooding back to me. This persona struck me as hilarious. Mansoor is an excellent writer.

In order to further underline the significance of playing a distinct character like Azra, Javeria said, “I believed that if I do this, after a very long time, since the character you perform affects you, you become fresh. Each individual is made up of many different emotions. A person with a faint voice feels the need to shout. It’s a lot of fun to act out fantasies because we never get to do these things in real life. But the feeling is already there. Not only does it help you improve your acting when you do it through a character. But we rarely engage in such activities.

Javeria was optimistic about the show’s reception when she discussed her hopes for it. My hopes were really high for the entire series. To work successfully, you need a fantastic atmosphere and more than anything, everyone had pure intentions, she said. “The story, the way the characters were written, the shoot, our team, artists, and crew, their hard work, and the familial environment”

Baby Baji’s impact on viewers greatly outstripped even the actor’s wildest dreams. The series was a much bigger success than I anticipated,” Javeria stated. Regarding my role, I had the impression that Azra was about to infiltrate the homes of the viewers. And that everyone would be reflecting on their own family’s Azra while they watched the drama and made comparisons. The popularity of the character far exceeded my wildest expectations.

The actor also offered heartwarming stories about fan reactions to the show, demonstrating the show’s widespread appeal. “Yesterday, I was at the mall when a middle-aged man with a deep voice said, ‘Oh, what a terrific job you have done!’. After I gave him my whole attention, he remarked, “You’ve done a wonderful job; it’s great fun.” When I meet new individuals, many of them tell me they are just starting to watch the show because of me. People like American doctors, clergy, and MNAs simply don’t have the time to read this. They’re calling from all around the world to reach out to Saud and me.

her family together after her husband falls ill. The death of the father has created difficulties for the family, which includes four boys, two of whom are married. The story explores Baby Aapa’s trials and tribulations as she works to keep her family together. Siddiqui Sahab, played by Munawer Saeed, is the family patriarch and prosperous businessman who seeks to foster harmony among his four sons.

Javeria’s portrayal of Azra has surely left an unforgettable impression on viewers’ hearts. As Baby Baji continues to enchant audiences with its poignant storyline and great performances. The show’s success is a testament to the hard work and talent of everyone involved, and it also proves that universal stories can move people wherever they are in the world.

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