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The Indian song “Mast Aankhein” sounds like it was “inspired” by Taher Shah’s “Eye to Eye.”

Do you disagree with what we're saying? Mayur Jumani, the composer, has arranged it in stages for your convenience.


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The T-Series appears to be living up to its name at this point. Once again, a popular Pakistani song has accused the well-known Indian record label of stealing their work. This time around, the new arrival is Taher Shah’s offspring.

And you’re absolutely right! Bhushan Kumar, Tulsi Kumar, and Jubin Nautiyal’s new song, Mast Aankhein, is apparently inspired by Eye to Eye, the song that became a meme back home and turned Shah into a laughing stock while most listeners eventually grew to appreciate his uniqueness.

On the 24th of February, a new song was released that sounds eerily similar to Shah’s Eye to Eye. It was so shocking that it even surprised Indian composer Mayur Jumani. In fact, the I’m Out creator recognized the likeness in a clip of footage he posted to Instagram.

During the video, Jumani can be heard saying, “I just heard this new song called Mast Aankhein on T-Series, and this is how Jubin Nautiyal looks in the video.” Nautiyal’s long, curly hair is styled in the same way that Shah would style his, and his sharp eyes seem to peer right through you as he stares intently into the camera.

Then, after asking, “Am I the only one who thinks that the song is inspired from…” he splices the chorus of Eye to Eye over the T-Series song. And whoa, nelly! We were completely taken aback by that.

“Share this with your Generation Z friends to introduce them to the legend, Taher Shah,” Jumani wrote in the post’s caption.

Similar to the music video for “Shah’s Eye to Eye,” in which two Shahs, one in white and one in black, are featured, “Mast Aankhein” features Shantanu Maheshwari in white and Nautiyal in black. The chorus “Aankh se aankh milao” in Mast Aankhein suggests that Maheshwari is really in love with the beautiful Shweta Sharda and not with himself.

Recently, Farasat Anees accused T-Series of ripping off his song “Biba,” which was used in the film Joyland. What a scandal! The T-series copied our work because it was popular at the time. My sibling and I spent countless hours perfecting this tune. Please be ashamed!” he tagged the business with.

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