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The CBI claims that Jiah Khan’s mother penned her suicide note.

After being cleared of "abetting" suicide for several years, Sooraj Pancholi writes a note in which he makes the following claims:


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A Mumbai court has found Bollywood actor Sooraj Pancholi “not guilty” of aiding the suicide of actor Jiah Khan. The CBI claims that the court has ruled that the six-page suicide note cited as evidence against him was fabricated. After Jiah’s death in June 2013, the police in Mumbai arrested Sooraj on charges of abetting suicide.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sooraj revealed that, ten years later, the suicide note was proven fraudulent in the procedures, prompting him to reconsider his initial arrest. When asked about his trial, he reflected on the spectacle it had become, saying, “My trial was a complete media trial; it was not in court; it was more outside the court.” In addition, the Hero star admitted that he is ready to go on with his life and has no intention of fighting the Mumbai police, the authorities, or even Jiah’s mother.

Earlier, Sooraj had disclosed that it was proven in court that the notebook belonging to Jiah’s mother, Rabia, which was discovered at the late actor’s home, matched the contents of the six-page letter written by Jiah. Jiah’s mother handwrote the letters inside, as stated by Sooraj.

On April 28, after the verdict was released, Sooraj posted to Instagram, “The truth always wins,” and hashtagged it “God is great.”

Hero was Sooraj’s first film, and he went on to star in Satellite Shankar. He lost some employment because of the Jiah Khan case, but now that he’s been exonerated, he plans to put in extra hours.

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