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Sonam Bajwa: His position is irreplaceable; my “all-time’ crush is Fawad Khan.”


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With his extraordinary skill and unmistakable charisma, Fawad Khan has won over fans all over the world. Fawad’s charisma extends far beyond the screen and leaves an indelible effect on everyone who comes into contact with him. Fawad’s dazzling good features, charming demeanor, and natural charisma make him an easy target for admiration.

The actor from The Legend of Maula Jatt seems to have enchanted one particular Punjabi Indian actor. An Indian TV host asked Sonam Bajwa about her “crush” during a recent interview. After insisting that many people have a crush on Bajwa, the host proceeded to ask her about her romantic interests. Bajwa said that her crush of all time is Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, but that her crushes tend to change with time.

She then remarked, “See, crushes keep changing.” The host then asked, “Then who is your crush these days?” The current object of Bajwa’s affection is Fawad Khan, he said. No one else can fill his shoes. It’s him,” she continued.

Bajwa’s affection for Khan is not a new revelation. She had previously stated that she would go out with Khan on a date if she found out he was single. The Canadian actor behind Ardab Mutiyaran recently discussed her plans in an interview with radio website Connect FM Canada.

“This is a mystery; I can’t tell,” she added of her flings, “but only that the person I want to have an affair with is already married.” She elaborates, “I don’t keep an eye on married males. If he wasn’t already married, I’d definitely try to woo Fawad Khan.

In an earlier interview with BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid, the famous Punjabi actor expressed her admiration for other Pakistani singers like Sajal Aly and shows like Meray Paas Tum Ho.

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