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Shaniera Akram is hoping that Pakistani moviegoers will give her a chance.

Shaniera, who made her acting debut in the film "Money Back Guarantee," was recently interviewed.


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Shaniera, who used to be married to Wasim Akram, will make her acting debut in the heist movie Money Back Guarantee, which has a lot of people excited. Her husband, a former cricket player turned commentator, will also appear in the Faisal Qureshi-directed ensemble film.

Shaniera spoke with DW Urdu in depth about her decision to change careers. She said that the director Faisal Qureshi approached her and her husband Wasim to be in his film. “When we read the script, we both thought it was hilarious and interesting, so we said yes to being in the film.”

She said, “I am not allowed to talk too much about my role. But what I can reveal is that I play an American who comes to visit Pakistan,” adding that she hoped she did the character justice.  This was in response to a question about her role in the film Money Back Guarantee.

Shaniera likewise lauded the performance of the rest of the ensemble. What did she say? “I had a great time filming for 11 days straight, and I know my co-stars put in a lot of effort to make this movie a reality. I’m crossing my fingers that the movie does well.”

After that, the interviewer asked Shaniera if she would like to do any more film work. Her enthusiastic response to our inquiry was, “Yes, I really enjoyed it as I like to be in front of the camera and would love to continue it.” “But I would like to take on more challenging roles in the future. There’s a chance that the role will require me to speak Urdu. Since I’ve studied the language briefly, I’m confident that I can pull off the part with the help of a professional coach.”

After that, the benefactor shared her anxiety over whether or not. She would be met with the same level of support from the general public in Pakistan. After the release of his film, she nervously laughed, “The main question is whether the Pakistani audience wants to see me in films or on television.”

In addition, she said “I, too, would like to try my hand at story writing.  “I could relate to a story about someone who, like me, travels to Pakistan for the first time. It is enamored by the country’s beautiful culture, so perhaps that’s the one they’ll write.”

Just before we wrapped up, we asked Shaniera if there was anyone. In particular, she would love to work with you in the future. “Wasim Akram!” she exclaimed without hesitation. “To play a role with him was a blast. And he commands the screen with a powerful presence. Aside from that, I’d love the opportunity to collaborate with the many talented actors currently working in the industry.”

Furthermore, Shaniera stated that she has not seen Money Back Guarantee. Haven’t seen the film either, and I can’t wait for it to come out,” she said.

The film is set to come out on Eid ul Fitr, 2023. It stars a number of well-known TV actors, such as Fawad Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar, Javed Sheikh, Jan Rambo, Gohar Rasheed, Hina Dilpazir, Mani, Ali Safina, Adnan Jaffer, and model-turned-actor Kiran Malik. 

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