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Shah Rukh Khan Opens Up About Declining Offer for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’


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Despite his close relationship with Boyle, Khan declined the offer while he was successfully hosting Kaun Banega Crorepati, according to India Today. Khan explained his decision at the event, stating, “Yes, Slumdog was there, now that you mention it. And I spend a lot of time with Mr. Boyle. He’s very sweet. But I was doing Kaun Banega Crorepati on television, successfully at that time. And I just felt in the story that was being told, the guy who was hosting was very mean, the story that was being told.”

He elaborated, “I was cheating and being dishonest as the host (in the movie). So I just found that it’s very strange that I’m being a host (on KBC) and I’m cheating in the film. So I explained to Mr. Boyle that I wouldn’t like to do it, please, and there are way better actors than me. And I think Mr. Anil Kapoor did it and he was fantastic as the host.”

Regarding potential Hollywood opportunities, Khan confessed to having discussions but clarified that he hadn’t received any concrete offers. “I’ve said this honestly, but nobody believes it. So I’m going to say it to you very, very honestly. Nobody’s ever offered me any work. Crossover of substance. I may have had conversations with people; I know lots of lovely people from the West, from the English film industry, from the American film industry. But nobody’s offered me any good work,” he asserted.

When asked about playing James Bond, Khan expressed interest but jokingly remarked, “I really wanted to, but I think I am too short. But I am brown enough to play the Bond baddie.” Despite not portraying the iconic spy, Khan’s candid remarks added a humorous touch to the conversation.

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