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‘Scary’ deepfake of Rashmika Mandanna hurts her; Amitabh Bachchan supports.


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The deepfake video that went viral and starred Indian actor Rashmika Mandanna has raised a lot of awareness about the negative effects of manipulating content. The well-known 27-year-old actress Mandanna, who is mostly recognized for her roles in Telugu and Kannada movies, expressed her concern about the bogus deepfake video by calling it “very scary.”

The British-Indian woman shared the video, which had Mandanna’s face superimposed over Zara Patel’s body, on Instagram first. Journalist Abhishek Kumar of the fact-checking website Alt News revealed the video to be a deepfake. He emphasized how seamlessly Mandanna’s face was substituted for Patel’s in an elevator scene, highlighting concerns about how effortlessly deepfakes can deceive common social media users.

Amitabh Bachchan, a seasoned Bollywood actor who has collaborated with Mandanna, expressed support for taking legal action against this kind of misleading content. Mandanna expressed similar concerns, emphasizing how people are susceptible to misusing technology and the significant effects it may have on their lives. She emphasized how urgently a legal framework is needed to counter the threat posed by deepfakes.

In response to the deepfake incident, Patel conveyed her extreme worry and anxiety, focusing on the increased risk and vulnerability that women and girls may encounter while sharing anything on social media.

India’s IT Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar emphasized the seriousness of deepfakes, characterizing them as a more dangerous type of disinformation, according to BBC India. In accordance with India’s IT regulations, he emphasized social media companies’ duty to stop users from spreading false information, and he highlighted the possible legal repercussions for noncompliant platforms.

The incident involving the deepfake video’s distribution has spurred calls for more regulations to combat this type of digital manipulation, underscoring the critical need for strong legal frameworks to shield people from such dishonest tactics.

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