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‘Sapnay’ by Falak Shabir Featuring Sarah Khan has been released.

Massive Mix Records & Falak Shabir Presents #Sapnay collaboration with Nilofer Shahid with her Eid collection 2022. ‘SAPNAY’ brings magical vision to life with gorgeous ensembles and a Symphony to die for.


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When it comes to their love, Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan have been making the town red. Another love song, titled “Sapnay,” was published by the artist, in which his wife Sarah Khan played the role of the lady of his dreams.

The Ijazat singer just released a new song, “Sapnay,” which features Sarah Khan and was written by him and “Nilofer Shahid.” Sapnay is a sweet tale about a young woman’s blossoming feelings.

Sarah Khan married famous singer Falak Shabir in a small, private wedding in July 2020. They are the epitome of a happy couple because of their undying devotion to one another. Alyana Falak, the couple’s first child, was introduced into the world only a few weeks ago.

Falak is admired for being the ideal husband, who lavishes affection on his wife and surprises her with bouquets of flowers on a regular basis. The pair has gained a large following because of their regular and open displays of affection on social media.

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