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Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik’s much-anticipated chat show began Sunday with actor-host Fahad Mustafa as the first guest.

The actor-in-law spoke candidly about hosting and the film industry.


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Fahad Mustafa, who has starred in several blockbuster films, said he’s best known in Pakistan as the Jeeto Pakistan presenter. He switched from performing to presenting because of money.

Na Maloom Afraad, actor: “Pakistan’s showbiz sector is hard.” Because everything is new, people fear taking chances. People used to discourage actors from hosting because they thought it ruined careers, so I was cautious, but it worked for me.

Fahad confessed that even after a number of ventures and gaining recognition, he didn’t have enough money. “I started hosting to generate money. People knew me from my acting career. I was famous but broke. “Hosting transformed me.”

Shoaib never would’ve guessed Fahad didn’t like hosting. “That’s art, sweetheart. He said slyly, “I’m an actor.” “My energy on set never drops because of the money,” Fahad added that he can’t deny that talk shows put him on the map and overshadowed his big flicks.

Smartphones irritate him when hosting. “Phones bug me lately. As an actor and a public personality, I find phones annoying. “I wanted to be famous, but now this popularity is ludicrous,” he added. The host agreed. “We’re too personable.” Celebrity is palpable. As youngsters, we fantasized about star lives. Sania replied, “Now we don’t need interviews; it’s all on the feeds.”

Fahad’s TV ventures and hosting are moneymakers, but he prioritizes filmmaking. “When you see yourself in the movies, you don’t want to see yourself on TV or phones. Cinema is unbeatable. I hate working for streaming services and online portals. Fahad loves big-screen movies.

The famous actor has appeared in all of Nabeel Qureshi’s films, save Khel Khel Mein. “I was self-producing.” Nabeel stepped into my office and said he had an idea. We were almost on the same page. He gave him the script to save money. He went ahead and made a film, but it failed. “This is one film.”

Jokes aside, the Main Abdul Qadir Hoon actor said the local business needs filmmakers who understand consumers. My film, Humayun, is doing well here. With only a few good filmmakers, films take time. “Two good films a year.”

Fahad said several people have declined to star in his productions because of social media. “We have several options.” Instagram and TikTok are moneymakers. They reject films for quick cash. I think people no longer appreciate superior craftsmanship and time. He replied that they’re not doing it for fame or your work.

Without naming names, the actor said he wants his colleagues to work in Hollywood and Bollywood, but only if they enjoy it.

“When I produce films, someone else is investing, so I don’t want to risk that,” he said. He continued, “I haven’t done dramas in 10 years, and that won’t change.” “I love movies.”

Fahad had to choose between Mehwish Hayat, Saba Qamar, and Yumna Zaidi for the best acting. Mahira Khan was his top pick, followed by Mehwish for her cinematic success.

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