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Sana Fakhar knows people want entertainment, but her divorce is not.

Last year, the actress separated from her 14-year-old husband, Fakhar Jaffri.


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Sana Fakhar, an actress, and her husband of 14 years, Fakhar Jaffri, divorced last year. The seasoned performer broke the news on his social media accounts. The 43-year-old celebrity posted to Instagram, saying, “It’s painful when a relationship ends.” However, there are occasions when you absolutely must end a relationship in order to save yourself from imminent destruction.

Sana has now published a tell-all interview with the well-known YouTuber Nadir Ali in which she discusses her recent divorce. The actor explained, “In the single statement I released last year, I offered an explanation regarding my separation.” Sana went on to explain her position, saying, “A relationship that threatens your own existence must be severed.” Also, you’d be stuck with your damaged identity for the rest of your life. That is why there are times when you simply must leave.

After that, she made the following observation: “We are all His people with our own unique destinies.” He will not cut you apart from a decent friend unless one of them turns out to be a hypocrite. In response, Nadir inquired, “To clarify, your husband fits this description.” “That’s because you’d never admit to being a hypocrite.” Says Sana in response: “You can call me a hypocrite.”

She went on to remark, “To call someone a hypocrite is not necessarily an attack on them.” What I meant was that your impressions may not be entirely accurate. That’s just too intimate for public consumption. But because of my high profile, people are curious about the finer points. However, I can’t provide much amusement here because it isn’t part of the fun. “I was able to save so much since it was so challenging to break.”

Sana continued by saying that she is taking in her two children. Prior to this, she had stated, while announcing her separation, “After being married for several years, through highs and lows, Fakhar and I mutually agreed to separate.” It breaks my heart, but I know that God has greater plans for the two of us. “Have faith in Fakhar Jaffri.”

Having a job in India

Sana additionally discussed her time spent working in India. actor from “Yeh Dil Aapka Hua” who featured in “Kaafila” with Sunny Deol in 2007. Sana revealed her experience working in an Indian film, “When it came to acting, Sunny was a true pro. That’s how modest and genuine they are. In only a little time, I was able to absorb a wealth of knowledge from him. My work ethic, though, has been with me even after all these years. It’s impossible to find a more competent group than them. Both of those are important to the work that we do.”

And she went on to explain exactly how she had captured Kaafila. She reflected, “I was in Dubai for the Lux Style Awards, and a journalist interviewed me then. “An opportunity to work in India was recently brought to my attention”. That information made its way to the people who create Kaafila. In the movie, I played an Afghan.

Sana went on to say that Indian actors never looked down on their Pakistani colleagues. “In my brief time in India, I found people to be really respectful,” she remarked. Nadir asked if they have any prejudice against Pakistanis, and Sana responded with a chuckle and a “The opposite is true! It’s just how people think. Nonetheless, we enjoy a level playing field. I can only speak from my own experience and say that a lot of it is up to you. It’s likely that something will go wrong while you’re working in Pakistan.”

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