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Salman Khan contacted Rakhi Sawant following her mother’s death, and her brother said, “Thanks, bhai.”

Rakhi Sawant's mother, Jaya Bheda, died after three years of cancer. We pray for her repose.


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Multiple organ failure killed Rakhi Sawant’s mother, Jaya Bheda, on January 28. He had cancer for three years. Rashmi Desai, Farah Khan, and others attended her funeral today. Rakhi Sawant’s brother Rakesh said Salman Khan spoke to her after her mother’s death. He remembered how “bhai” assisted their mother three years earlier.

Rakesh said the entire industry sent condolences

Rakhi’s brother Rakesh told The Times of India that “everyone from the industry has been calling us and sending their condolences.” Salman bhai called and spoke to Rakhi, and everyone who assisted mom and Rakhi has reached out to us. My mother lived three years longer because of you, Salman sir. He had previously returned her.

Rakesh discussed Rakhi’s situation
Her brother said Rakhi is “out of control” since she lost her “backbone.” “Rakhi is out of control; she doesn’t know what to do because mom was everything to her,” he said. We never imagined losing Mom. We’re clueless. Our mother ran the house. “Aur aage Bhagwan ne bulaya hai toh he would watch after our mom,” Rakesh said. Rakhi is now the family head and must care for us. Filling that space will take time.

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