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Saboor grants all of Ali’s birthday wishes by saying, “His wish is my command.”

Ali's birthday wishes come true thanks to Saboor, who says, "His wish is my command." Let's just say there were a lot of famous people there.


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Saboor Aly has shown that she can make Ali Ansari’s wishes come true by planning elaborate parties in honor of his many achievements in life. Saboor went on a quest for her husband’s birthday that demonstrated her unwavering commitment to being a wonderful wife.

In case you missed it, Ansari had jokingly unveiled an A-list lineup for his birthday event. Some of the most famous actresses in the world, like Katrina Kaif, Nora Fatehi, Kiara Advani, and even Kylie Jenner, were included on this shortlist. The addition of his sister Mariam and close friend Owais to the list gave it a personal touch. Aly didn’t want just any old party. She envisioned a spectacular event that would mark the occasion of Ansari’s birthday and leave guests with lasting memories.

Aly came up with a brilliant scheme to make her husband’s dream come true. She surprised everyone and their reactions to her thinking and effort were universally positive. Aly organized a fun charade for her friends and family, in which they dressed up as renowned stars and models on Ansari’s wish list. Aly posted a picture of this unforgettable occasion to Instagram with the message, “His wish is my command,” which perfectly captured the depth of her devotion to her partner. Such a wife, where have you been hiding?

The end result was very mesmerizing. Family and friends dressed up like their favorite celebrities, creating an environment full of magic, humor, and good times. People all around the internet were moved by this kind and hilarious gesture and joined in the celebration of this special occasion.

The star’s extravagant birthday gift to Ansari not only made his day extra memorable, but it also served as an inspiring model of affection, consideration, and originality. Her dedication to achieving her husband’s goals in a unique and touching way touched hearts all over the world and served as a reminder of the strength of love and the wonder of imagination.

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