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Saboor Aly discusses how much it means to her that others see her as her late mother.

.The highest praise: Saboor Aly discusses being compared to her mother, who has since passed away.


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In a recent emotional interview on The Faiyza Beg Show, Pakistani actress Saboor Aly spoke candidly about her relationship with her late mother. During their talk, Saboor revealed a profound compliment that had special value because it was given to her by people who knew her mother.

Saboor Aly reflected on her past and said, “When I was a little girl, I used to feel like I should look exactly like my mother when I was older, when I was 23, 24 years old,” referring to the age at which she first started seeing her mother’s photos from photo shoots and the like. The way she looked, her eyes, and her fashion sense She spoke glowingly of her mother’s beauty, capturing its essence in her description.

Saboor shared that people are now giving her particular praise that means a lot to her. “Now, a lot of people tell me—my relatives call me—that I look just like my mother when they see my dramas,” she said. The fact that people often say I look just like my mom is the single greatest compliment I’ve ever received. Saboor feels extremely moved by her comment, which indicates not just a physical likeness but also a link to her mother’s presence.

The conversation also brought to light heartbreaking memories of the actor’s mother, Rahat, who lost her brave battle with illness in March of 2017. Sajal Aly, Saboor’s sister and also a major star in the entertainment world, too felt deep sorrow at the passing of their mother.

Saboor, Sajal, and their mother shared a special kinship that played a significant role in determining the course of their lives and the goals they pursued. Saboor treasures the compliment of being compared to her mother since it represents a meaningful bond between them that goes beyond mere physical appearances.

This touching dialogue between Saboor and her brother illuminates the role that her family and friends have played in developing her identity and worldview as she continues her journey in the entertainment industry. The touching sense of continuing a loved one’s legacy is reflected in the homage paid to her mother, who passed away many years ago.

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