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Rosie Gabrielle (Canadian Biker) Converted To Islam After Living In Pakistan For A Year


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About a year ago, Rosie Gabrielle a Canadian woman, came to Pakistan with just her bike and a sense of curiosity about the country. She traveled to a lot of regions of the country; Lahore, Swat, Multan, Gwadar and beyond. As she traveled within the country and encountered the sights and sounds; the people she felt an affinity with them.

When she first came to Pakistan, Rosie Gabrielle said she felt peace in places of Muslim worship


Speaking to MangoBaaz regarding her first arrival in Pakistan, here’s what Rosie Gabrielle said:

“I get a lot of shocked faces, a lot of smiles. People in Pakistan seem to be very excited to see me on a motorcycle. The funniest reaction was that of a 6-year-old, who asked if I was a boy or a girl when he saw me riding the bike.”


After spending a year in Pakistan, Rosie Gabrielle just decided to take the leap and convert to Islam

She said she had always led a hard life and there had always been a lot of hurt in her heart. And after spending time in Muslim countries and after God lead her to Pakistan, she saw the kind of peace Muslims have in their hearts and wanted something similar for herself.

She said the religion she had grown up with never resonated with her. And that she had denounced it 4 years ago and went on her own spiritual journey of discovery which has eventually lead her to Pakistan and then Islam.

She said she knew Islam has highly criticized the world over and had a bad reputation but she knew the true meaning of the religion; which are peace, love, and oneness.

She said she had always been a Muslim since she believed in the Shahada already; in the Oneness of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) being the last messenger. So thus, it was only a matter of time before she officially


While there are a few followers who were not happy with her decision, Rosie answered their comments in the best possible way.  But some others were only curious about what this decision meant and a plethora of people was congratulating her and giving her their duas.

We wish Rosie good luck on both her future spiritual and physical journey.


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