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Rolling Stone is proud to premiere ‘Sushi//Woofer Paar De’ by Ali, and Daniyal Zafar.


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Ali Zafar, a well-known singer and songwriter, and his younger brother, Danyal, aka Danny Zee, have collaborated with Mykko Montana on a Punjabi-trap fusion track.

According to the press release, the hybrid song Sushi/Woofer Paar De and its music video got their world premiere on Rolling Stone. The Pakistani-born vocalists take turns in the spotlight in a music video that makes a cultural reference to both Los Angeles and Lahore. Ali, who sings the Punjabi version of the song, sits amidst Pakistani women donning traditional costumes, while the visuals feature Danyal rapping his verses in a hot tub surrounded by women.

It would appear that the brothers’ present focus, as they try to break into the western music industry, is on fusing together two very distinct cultures. To represent a country “that has a lot of angst and has been through pain and agonizing realities,” as Zafar puts it to Rolling Stone, “my next big dream is to break into the international music scene as a Pakistani and Punjabi. It’s not always necessary to pit the East against the West. Maybe we’re all living on the same fu***** planet,” Ali is quoted as saying in a news release.The song has only just been released, but the brothers gave a sneak glimpse of the music video at their show in Sydney, Australia. They also posted a preview of the song on Instagram for their friends and family back home to hear.

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