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Resham rebuts Sakina Samo’s stale criticism of her hypocrisy in accepting the Pride of Performance Award.

Two years later, the actress Resham wants to know what about the honour made the director Sakina Samo so angry.


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Actress Resham was recently asked on The Talk Talk Show if she had any words of wisdom for Sakina Samo, who had voiced her displeasure with the Pakistani government for honouring actor and singer Ali Zafar with the Pride of Performance award.

The ex-Hollywood actress said that she did not want to discuss “hypocrites” like that. And in an instant, she reversed herself and spoke up. Resham claimed that despite her silence, she found Samo’s comments surprising because they had interacted amicably in a play they had both performed in.

In addition, Resham insisted that civil honour was the product of her efforts. Samo has presumably laboured, and if so, it is “better work” than what she has done. I’d rather not bring up the subject of her… To quote Resham: “Such people are hypocrites.” May God have mercy on us. When that happened, I kept quiet as well. She was completely heartbroken. She was enraged to learn that Ali Zafar and I had been awarded Pride of Performance. When you get it, it’s because you deserve it. Not when I finally get my hands on it? The actor from The Legend of Maula Jatt questioned, “Why did you get so angry so fast?”

“I mean… Resham went on, “I collaborated with her on a play titled Maafi. She did a fantastic job of directing the cast and crew. She also thought I did a great job. But now look at all this hypocrisy. You have my number, so call me and tell me what you’re saying to the world,” the celebrity proclaimed. She questioned, “What gave you such a bad temper?” I’ve been working hard my whole life, Sakina Jee. Thank God, thank God, I’ve done better work than you, if you’ve worked at all. I have provided a lot of fun for others. The Kaaf Kangana star decried the intolerance of his fellow citizens.

Resham continued by musing on the modern phenomenon of controversy-mongering as a means of attracting media attention. I’ve also witnessed this from time to time. This is the lowest I’ve ever gone. You can ask Shaan or Humayun; I have and always will show deference to those more experienced than myself. If you ask any of the seniors or juniors with whom I’ve worked, she says, “Not one of them will say that Resham has been disrespectful or argued with someone.

So many individuals have complimented me and called me. Who are you to even consider making a fuss over me? Who are you? The question was posed by her.

I think the option for Pride of Performance is getting increasingly straightforward and easy, and as a result, many individuals who have dedicated their entire careers sometimes go unrecognised,” Samo told The Express Tribune in an exclusive interview in 2021. She went on to say, “It is sad that the government has given such a huge award to people like Resham and Ali Zafar, who, in my opinion, don’t really deserve it.”

Resham, when asked about her achievements, countered that “recognition doesn’t see your gender,” meaning that nothing can prevent anyone from achieving success and fame regardless of their gender. I am honoured to have received the Pride of Performance award, and it would not be an exaggeration to state that I have dedicated my life to the service of my country.

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