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Ram Charan and Upasana start getting ready for the arrival of their baby; they show off their handmade cradle.

Ram Charan and Upasana have agreed to use a cradle that a sex trafficking survivor made for their newborn.


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Next month, Ram Charan and Upasana will become parents. The couple has started getting ready for the arrival of their new baby. Yes, the celebrity mom showed off the handmade cradle she had made for her child. hich embodies the values she has instilled in him or her from birth. The cradle stands for fortitude, optimism, resiliency, and honoring oneself.

Upasana Konidela posted a video to Instagram explaining the process of making the cradle by hand. Women carpenters who overcame sex slavery are responsible for creating this cradle.

Some of the photographs are candids of the soon-to-be parents. His wife slipped into a blue outfit, while he sported a tie-dye shirt in yellow and purple. In the video, it says, “We are becoming three.”

When Ram Charan’s wife posted the video to Instagram, she thanked the “incredible young women of #PrajwalaFoundation.” For their present and said, “We are honored and humbled to receive this heartfelt gift.” This artisanal cradle represents fortitude, perseverance, and optimism, and its significance is immeasurable. Since it represents a journey of personal growth and dignity.

You may watch Ram Charan and Upasana rock their baby to sleep in this video.

Expectant parents who can’t wait to meet their new child
The influential couple recently completed 11 years of marriage. And everyone is looking forward to the arrival of their first child. She recently revealed that anticipation among her loved ones is at an all-time high because the due date is drawing near. We are thrilled, worried, and nervous all at the same time. He reassures me and adds, “Okay, let’s figure it out.” The expectant mother went on to say that she had no doubt that Ram Charan would play an integral role in raising their child.

Upasana is due to give birth the next month, as she is now in her third trimester (month 8). Her due date is reportedly between July 16 and July 22, and she intends to give birth at the Hyderabad-based Apollo Hospital that her parents own.

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