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Raj Kundra’s satirical ‘UT69’ takes a funny look at life behind bars.

The 2021 arrest of the businessman who prompted the offering


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On Wednesday, the highly anticipated trailer for Raj Kundra, an entrepreneur, and his next film, UT69, was unveiled. Raj plays the starring role, and the story is based on his life, including his time spent in the notorious Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai over a contentious issue.

Flashing “breaking news” of Raj’s arrest in 2021 opens the trailer abruptly and sets the framework for the story to unfold. The scene then abruptly shifts to the British-Indian businessman in front of the forbidding Arthur Road Jail, a site he has only heard about.

Within the confines of the prison, the trailer depicts the brutal realities that Raj faced. The inmates make an effort to recognize him by staring at him lustfully. In one scene from the teaser, he complains to the prison guard about not having a toothbrush and is told to use his fingers instead.

As for his wife, the famous actress Shilpa Shetty, Raj is also made to strip and answer personal questions about her. The harsh comments made by other convicts about his wife just add to the unease he feels on a daily basis.

The fact that he is depicted taking a shower in broad daylight underscores the lack of personal space that is characteristic of incarceration. Furthermore, he is depicted suffering from the humiliation of having to relieve himself in public, a situation that few people can fully comprehend. The trailer focuses on Raj’s struggle to accept his imprisonment as a constant motif. The thought that he is redeeming his karmic obligation gives him some solace. The trailer highlights the harsh reality of prison life by showing Raj’s struggle with unpalatable food.

According to the synopsis, UT69, directed by Shahnawaz Ali, is “based on a true story.” The movie is a satire on the events that actually happened to Raj while he was locked up at Arthur Road. The trailer gives a taste of the emotional upheaval and difficulties he encountered during this time, with a few comical interludes thrown in for good measure.

UT69 may make viewers question the motivations behind its release, but it has the potential to be Raj’s breakthrough movie. When it eventually reveals the complete story behind the tumultuous days at Arthur Road Jail, UT69 is sure to make a significant impact on audiences everywhere when it premieres in theaters on November 3.

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