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Queen Camilla’s “Coronation Necklace,” which contains the Lahore Diamond, is the subject of this in-depth guide.

Camilla's choice honours customs linked with the British monarchy and recalls the imperial history of the country.


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During the historic coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, May 6, at Westminster Abbey. Queen Camilla wore the famous “Coronation Necklace” in a display of regal beauty and, in the eyes of some, questionable imperial customs.

Queens have worn the Coronation Necklace since 1858, according to The Court Jeweller. This magnificent jewel was formerly a part of the Lahore Treasure in the Punjab region, now known as Pakistan. It consists of a total of 26 diamonds, the largest of which is the Lahore diamond. A pendant weighing an astounding 22.48 carats. British colonists, who had taken control of the region in 1849, offered the diamond to Queen Victoria in 1851, and she accepted it.

Portraits of Queen Victoria from the time of her Diamond Jubilee show her proudly wearing the necklace. In 1902, Queen Alexandra wore the necklace with pride for her coronation, and in 1911, Queen Mary wore it for hers. Queen Elizabeth the Second, popularly known as the Queen Mother, wore this exquisite item in 1937.

Queen Victoria also had a pair of diamond pendant Coronation Earrings made by her court jeweller, Garrard. These beautiful accessories include a pair of stud earrings with a cushion-cut diamond collet and two luxurious pear-shaped pendants. Queen Elizabeth II, during her 1953 coronation, wore the Coronation Necklace and Earrings as her main pieces of jewellery. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth wore this ensemble with great fondness, especially to state meals.

By wearing the Coronation Necklace, Queen Camilla honours the long and storied heritage of the British throne. On the other hand, it is a symbol of Britain’s imperial history. Queen Camilla wore the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which had previously been put in the crown of Queen Mary. With a pair of matching diamond drop earrings.

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