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Priyanka Chopra says she “went into depression” after a botched nose job and a string of unsuccessful film projects.

This actress Priyanka Chopra went through a "dark phase" where she thought her career of unsuccessful projects was over.


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A botched cosmetic treatment negatively affected Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ mental health, and she has spoken up about it. She recently discussed the psychological and emotional effects of a botched nose job in an interview with Howard Stern. Surgery to remove a polyp from her nasal cavity was performed in the early 2000s at the recommendation of her doctors.

She was inconsolable over the operation’s outcomes and how her face looked afterward. According to Chopra Jonas, this was a really low point in her life, during which she experienced severe depression. She felt her acting career was over after being dropped from three films due to complications from the surgery. It was a difficult period, in her words. I sank into a pit of despair. It had a profound impact on me on every level.

According to Chopra Jonas, her mental health was at an all-time low during the time she didn’t leave the house. Her father, a surgeon, insisted, however, that she undergo the procedure. Despite her fears, he agreed to accompany her to the operating room and hold her hand the entire time. With her father’s encouragement, she was able to recover her self-esteem and restart her profession.

Chopra Jonas had written in her autobiography, Unfinished, that the botched surgery had left her feeling “devastated and hopeless.” She documented how this experience shifted her perspective on self-love, physical fitness, and overall happiness. She concluded, “It’s important to accept yourself as you are because everyone has a different body.”

The actor noted that she suffered from a “lingering head cold” in the summer of 2001, which she mistook for a sinus infection at first. She had a polyp removed from her nose after further investigation.

While a polypectomy may seem like a simple treatment, in this case, the doctor cut off the bridge of her nose along with the polyp. “I no longer had my birth nose. My appearance had changed drastically. She reflected, “I was no longer myself.”

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