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Political Slavery and The Role of Media in Pakistan


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As we know the role that media plays for society is huge. The pictures and the words which we watch and hear on our TV screens always leave some good or bad marks on our minds. This fact cannot be denied that if any person who is sitting before us and the same time his work of imagination is trying to affect us wholly, as a human being whether he knows it or not; and we are affected by it, As human being whether we intend to be or not.

I suppose that everything we eat has some effects upon us than merely the pleasure of taste and mastication; it affects us during the process of assimilation and digestion; and I believe that exactly the same is true if anything we read, listen or watch It is saying that

“The greatest slavery is the mind’s slavery”

Today the use of social media is rapidly growing among people for making good and new connections, but the situation in Pakistan is quite different. Pakistani people just appear to be holding swords against each other on every political or non-political platform.

Why we don’t understand that we are just political tools in some political hands? We are not taking sides for just having the political views but we are becoming the slaves of their minds.

Nowadays, this is the chief issue for us as a nation but no one paying attention to this. I admired this is natural for political people to organize and operate within people’s groups such as political parties. But here in Pakistan every political person organized political parties as an enemy and has sought to repress them because of their tendency to seek more power than other political persons. But what is the unity of the nation? No one is paying attention to this. Now its time to promote the strength of the union.

We have to urge the people to place their identity as Pakistanis above their identity as members of any political party and try to focus their efforts and affection on the country above all other local or political interests.

But how it is possible? By the mass media or social media? Unfortunately in Pakistan, media is much free that they are even allowed to run propaganda campaigns against anyone. They often divide people. I have to say with regret that all Pakistani media is still unaware of the impact of their words on people’s minds. Many of them broadcast their news only for rating.

The media should work to educate the people and to help the people, they should always put their personal interests at the back of their minds and show the things that could be beneficial for the country and the people. Its time to realize that media is a mirror of a society and it should present the truth and reality. The media should realize its equal responsibility for building a nation.

By concluding my discussion mentioned above, “we should have limited news channels and also give real attention to the public interest. We should run more entertainment, sports, educational and communicational channels”.

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